I can barely contain myself!!! I am so ecstatic to have my first review for Fay Storms by a Beta Reader (BR) up on GoodReads. Why am I so excited, you wonder? Because of course I have spent countless hours editing, working with readers and reviewers to craft this book into something that I am proud to share with the world. I am excited, because this is my first review by someone with whom I have had no prior contact, with the exception of a few brief emails where he offered to beta-read and I provided him with an ARC.

This is my first review were I feel a complete detachment from the reader and his review was thoughtful, insightful for me as the writer, and (need I even mention) not making a mockery of my hard work! Yay! And that is what is most important to me as a writer: I want the reader to enjoy the time he/sheΒ spends in my world with the characters I create.

Here is the review:

I found this to be an intensely written and tight story with good world building. A far flung Empire that is divided into different peoples and held together by mutual fear. Magic is rife in this world. Because of her Fay blood Fifer is automatically feared and hated by the rest of the world, but also becomes outcast from her own people. Forced to survive alone, she is befriended and mentored by another exile and becomes a thief. When her mentor disappears she seeks him, but is captured by an enemy tribe. The leader sees a potential in her that no one, especially not herself, has seen before. Unwillingly, she is embroiled in a scheme to save the tribe from destruction. This goes against all the tenets of these people, but the new leader comes to have faith in her and also becomes to regard her as a friend and deserving person, not just as an instrument.

The story basically revolves around Fifer and Arkadius, the Aestus Master. Fifer is an enigmatic character that doesn’t reveal her true self, even by the end of the book. Arkadius’s world and beliefs are challenged and rocked by his relationship with her. As this is the first in a series, it will be interesting to see how these two characters develop. I enjoyed it and would recommend it.