I was walking to my ukulele rehearsal last night (I play in a 70 piece orchestra comprised of nothing but ukuleles; can you imagine the cuteness?) and my mind was reeling with thoughts about audience. These musings stem from a conversation I had with a friend over the weekend.

When I told her of my publishing goals she said “I will definitely buy your book!” right away. I am moved by the outpouring of support that I have been getting from friends and acquaintances, but I explained to her that I would rather give her the book for free, if  it is the kind of thing she would pick up and read whether it was written by me or not. She looked surprised, so I tried to explain that I want people to read my book because they are interested and truly enjoy the genre. As important as support from loved one is, I don’t expect everyone I know to read my story and have a good time doing it.

So who is going to read my books? This is where finding my target audience will be essential. How do people find new books to read? Reviews on blogs? Newsletters? Facebook groups? Word of mouth? GoodReads? How do you discover new authors?

This is my goal for today: to do some digging and find places where sharing my upcoming book release will reach the most fantasy readers. Where someone may very well look at the cover art, read the blurb and say “That sound just like what I want to read next.”

If you guys have any stories to share on how you found your audience, feel free to comment below.

Happy writing!