This post is intended as a motivation booster and (hopefully) inspiration for all who find themselves contemplating self-publishing.

Two weeks ago, I was

  1. a chemist who had left her job (I am not advocating walking away from your day job, but this particular job was having negative effects on my health and as such it was necessary that I politely, but firmly made my goodbyes);
  2. I had a manuscript that had been years in the making, and one that I had edited extensively. I loved the story, had planned out the entire series in my mind and even written the first draft of book two, but continued to waffle over whether I should ever send it to a publishing house (how overwhelming is that idea? And who wants to waitย monthsย wondering whether you have to start all over again?).

Two weeks ago I listened to an online course on how to self-publish an eBook. Then I listened to another on how to make a book cover. I also noticed that my local library has free workshops for would-be writers by local published authors.

I spent hours reading articles and making a plan. Two weeks ago was when I decided that I would self-publish!

Two weeks ago I

  1. Started this blog (and I now have 30 wonderful and engaged followers. I must thank you all who read this and give me input, because you’ve truly helped me in my quest!) and have been posting routinely (although my serial is on hold, but I am excited that I started something that I have been contemplating for a looooooong time);
  2. Have chosen a release date (December 19, 2016! It seems so soon, but I decided on it because it gave me two months to really get my ducks in a row);
  3. I have edited and formatted my first ever book (and it took me a few hours, but the result is professional and min boggling. If someone had told me it’d be so easy, I would have called them a fool three weeks ago);
  4. I CREATED A BOOK COVER that I really like! (I was totally willing to pay someone to make one, but I thoroughly enjoy the look of this);cover-fay-storms-page-001
  5. Wrote a book blurb (I couldn’t have done this without feedback. Thankย you Sharon and NJ:)), which I was always dreading, even when I was contemplating traditional publishing;
  6. Found eight beta readers for Fay Storms thanks for GoodReads (where I also now have a book page and an author page). I am both excited and very nervous about seeing the reviews, but the idea that there are people who are enjoying my story is just too exhilarating! Also, I had individual contact me for an ARC because she learned about Fay Storms through word of mouth (amazing!), and several of them agree to read it after being captivated by the blurb (wow!);
  7. I was featured in an author interview;
  8. I have figured out what a blog tour is, and have even made some headway in getting one ready for my release.

Two weeks have passed, and I am still have work to do. I have to

  1. Continue to grow my network as a new author and to advertise my work;
  2. Continue learning about self-publishing, book promotion, and writing too;
  3. Continue work on the trilogy! (NaNoWriMo will help me finish the first draft for book three, then back to editing book two)

So call me crazy, but that seems like a pretty eventful two weeks. I can’t believe I got this far in such a short period and if I can do, then you most certainly can too.

Have a wonderful Monday, and keep on checking back for more information on my pursuit of self-publishing ๐Ÿ™‚