How many times have you looked at a cover, picked up the book and the synopsis was just a disaster?  When you purchased a book online, what was it about the blurb that tipped the scale?

I’ve been thinking about blurbs for a while (as in, I have been thinking that I need to write one, but never managed to will myself to do it, because let’s face it, it’s hard!).  It’s like introducing yourself to someone you really, really want to impress.  The potential readers are the super hot guy/super amazing performer/your idol, and my blurb is the nerdy girl with braces and Coke bottle glasses (I feel I can say this as I used to be her, although my glasses were fake and had no prescription at the time).

I made what I feel is a pretty book cover (see it here), but now I need something to go with it (that’s right, I can’t escape the blurb!).  Here is my first attempt at it (and hey, if anyone has comments, good, bad or ugly, I’ll take them!) for Fay Storms:

Fifer is many things: a thief and caravan guide, a step daughter, an apprentice, and a half breed-part giftless and part Fay, the legendary and mysterious creatures as old as the desert. Her glowing green eyes set her apart, spark frightened glances and mutterings, cause the crowd to part as she passes; but Fifer has learned long ago that she does not need the approval of strangers. She is aloof, stubborn and daring-until her partner goes missing, and she is offered a job that may prove beyond her skills.

Arkadius is the Master in training, and he can feel in his gut that his time is coming. How will he lead the Aestus, the brotherhood of power-gifted and secretive warriors? Would the Aestus chieftains accept him, or will the brotherhood fall apart in Arkadius’s hands? The young man must take great risks to ensure his people’s survival.

So, would you take the plunge and read this book?  Thanks for your comments!