This last month has really been a bit of a roller coaster (dream come true?) professionally for me.  I have made the decision to leave my job after over three years of constant misery and have really immersed myself in my writing and my dream of sharing my books with readers.  This wasn’t an easy decision and since I am strictly type A I needed to learn about what I was getting myself into.  As I’ve already written about, I started with a few online courses (see my previous posts for free online courses on eBook publishing fundamentals and eBook cover design), but also, my local library has been hosting Writer in Residence workshops; these are either group sessions or one-on-one meetings with an author designed to connect the community with local authors and help up-and-coming writers perfect their craft.

Last night I attended my first such workshop, titled From Memoir to Novel and led by Ben Nuttall-Smith.  This lovely man has the most unbelievable life story, which he has translated into the memoir Secrets Kept, Secrets Told.  In the workshop, he incorporated readings from his memoir, poetry based on life experience and some examples of fictional writing before giving us various writing prompts and letting us loose.  This was my first time doing a group writing event like this, and I have to say that it really opened my eyes to writing about personal experiences and self expression in my fictional work.

The only disappointment during the night came when a nice looking lady noted that we had all been writing without computers, and how remarkable that was.  Everyone agreed and some even followed up on this thought with comments like:

-Young people can’t writer without a computer!

-Young people don’t write!

Well, I can safely say that the age disparity between myself and the other participants was large enough that I fall under what they classified as “young people”, and I have been writing since I was a child.  I also know people in their twenties and thirties who write primarily on paper before putting anything onto a computer (I like typing myself, but when in a pinch I will find a medium to put words down).

When my husband is running late, I grab a latte and keep on writing.

But I did not take offence, since this comment gave me the most exciting idea for a dystopian fantasy novel that may very well turn out to be my next project once The Storms Trilogy is complete!