In my manic descent into making my first book eBook publishing ready, I have been learning how to make my own cover art.  Why?  There are a couple of reasons, but no, it isn’t because I am not willing to invest in a designer.

  1. I have scoped out books in my genre and there are two types of covers: (a) rippling pectoral bearing covers, or (b) simple, but dramatic covers.  I would like to keep mine simple, so I thought that I would at least give cover-making a try.
  2. I wanted to see what the cover could potentially look like before I went out looking for someone to actualized it.
  3. I am a bit of a geek.

Turns out, I am rather impressed with the results!  I followed DIY Book Covers‘ tutorial on making eBook covers in MS Word, and this is what I created:door_2-page-001

This is one of several versions I created, and the one I like best.

The only problem (if that’s how you want to look at it) is that I now question my title!  So I started to consider alternatives, such as Empire’s Fall, Book one of the Half-breed’s Fate Trilogy.  I guess my next step will be to find feedback on title options.